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May 10

Reimagine That!

Posted on May 10, 2015 at 11:06 PM by Corrie Teague

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You’ve always been able to see the possibilities in things — places, buildings, events, ideas — in ways that are new and limitless.
You’re the first to push new ideas and champion change, immune to the cautions of the fearful: “but this is how we’ve always done it.”
Imagine how far you could go in a place that encourages those fresh perspectives. A place that needs and rewards your vision? A whole community where the status quo is a no go. Where it’s not just the transformative power to imagine that’s celebrated, but more importantly the power to reimagine.
The Danville River District is that place.
Welcome to the renaissance. Perhaps even, your renaissance. Because this transformation, that began with the repurposing of historic warehouses and factories into modern lofts, has touched a chord deep in the hearts and minds of all who call Danville home. It has become the inspiration for self examination and an interest in self-discovery that begins with those life-changing questions: what if and why not. It’s something you can feel in the air and see in the faces of those you encounter. A kind of eyes-wide-open enthusiasm that is at the heart of our city’s reimagining.
Throughout the Danville River District, there’s a captivating synergy between people and place marked by everything from buildings to long held beliefs, being reimagined into something newer, fresher, and more relevant. An old train station becomes a new science center. A local teacher reimagines ways to engage her students using that center. An old freight warehouse is transformed into space for the local farmer’s market. Inspired, a group of people turn a vacant lot into a community garden. A local university relocates its nursing and professional studies programs to the River District. Caught up in the youthful collegiate atmosphere this creates, people begin to reimagine their career paths. Some consider returning to college to further their education. Some think of attending for the first time. Finally, because change in one area often triggers change in another, in the halls of local government city officials are reimagining best practices to make sure they’re still truly what’s best, that we haven’t outgrown them already.
Skeptics looking in at our progress might be inclined to caution that — like any and all renaissances before it — ours will end. But make no mistake. Reimaginging has become the lifeblood of who we are, our way of life, and our way of welcoming visitors. Physical details marking this transformation — warehouses now lofts, the flower baskets and planters brimming with flowers along Main Street, the sides of buildings adorned with colorful murals that tell our history — are scenes from the pages of a story that has no end.
Yes, you’ve always looked at things differently, from new angles …..
What better place to work than in a community that welcomes the visionary in you. What better place to raise a family than among people who believe in the power of imagination, and re-imagination, over cold facts and common practices. What better place to make your mark than in the company of leaders who are architects of a brighter destiny, for our city and for us.
Imagine — no reimagine — how far you could go in a place like this.
Danville River District

Reimagine That.